Unleashing Success through a Coaching Culture

Discover the power of a coaching culture in our transformative workshop designed for leaders and visionaries. Unlock your organisation’s potential by learning to create an environment that fosters growth, collaboration, and continuous improvement. Dive into the world of coaching techniques, explore actionable strategies, and gain insights into fostering effective communication in the workplace. This immersive experience will equip you with the tools and knowledge to drive positive change and elevate your organisation to new heights.

According to a study by PwC, the median ROI for coaching was seven times the initial investment, and over a quarter of coaching clients reported ROIs of 10 to 49 times the cost.

Don’t miss this opportunity to become an inspiring leader and catalyst for success in today’s dynamic business landscape. Join us and embark on a journey to unleash the full potential of your team and organisation.


  1. Introduction to Coaching

The concepts of coaching and its importance in organisations. What coaching is and what it is not.

  1. The Benefits of Coaching

The advantages of coaching for individuals and teams. A framework of coaching culture introducing levels of coaching culture, ranging from coaching-as-intervention to coaching-as-culture. Coaching for sustainable change.

  1. Coaching Skills for Leaders

Training and exercises on essential coaching skills, including giving feedback, negotiation, problem-solving, conflict resolution, delegation and understanding different personalities. You will have the opportunity to apply these skills in various scenarios and receive constructive feedback from the facilitator and your fellow participants.

  1. Building Relationships and Mentoring

Fostering strong relationships with leaders and junior employees to create a supportive and mentoring environment.

  1. Creating a Coaching Culture

Actionable steps and strategies for creating a coaching culture in an organisation, such as offering training on relevant topics, developing a panel of external coaches, onboarding internal coaching and peer mentoring, and fostering effective communication in the workplace. How to evolve coaching culture from level to level.

  1. Measuring the Impact of Coaching

Aligning coaching with organisational strategy and exploring relevant metrics to gain support for coaching programs and demonstrate their effectiveness.

  1. Examples of Difficult Coaching Situations

Throughout the day, we will discuss multiple examples of challenging coaching scenarios and how to navigate them effectively using coaching techniques.

  1. Legal Considerations

Legal requirements and best practices for coaching within the context of HR management. You will learn about the legal implications of coaching in areas such as performance management, disciplinary actions, termination, confidentiality, data protection, diversity and inclusion, and ethical conduct.

  1. Blueprint and Action Plan

Key takeaways, extended resources, and coaching blueprint for implementing a coaching culture in your organisations. You will work in groups to design a coaching culture plan for your organisation and present it to the rest of the class.

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